Genius Fit Traveling Trick: Tying Your Sneakers to Your Suitcase Handle

It’s a problem that anyone who wants to work out while on vacation struggles with: How the heck are you suppose to fit your sneakers into your suitcase, along with everything else you want to bring? (And no, those three extra going-out outfits you threw in there just in case canNOT come out.) All too often, sneakers are left at home and vacation workouts are sacrificed.

I love running in new places, though. Not only does it help keep me sane and in shape, but it might just be my favorite way to explore a new city.

That’s why I was so, so excited last month, when I was flying to Miami for my friend’s bachelorette party and saw a smart solution to this problem: tying your sneakers to your suitcase handle (the same spot where lots of people attach a neck pillow).

So yesterday, when I was packing to visit one of my college roommates in Charleston, I knew I had to try it. Check it out:

photo 3 (5)

photo 1 (7)

What a simple but brilliant solution, right? You just do the first step of tying your shoes (pre-bunny ears), then repeat that step again around your suitcase handle, then proceed to tie and double-knot your shoelaces.

My sneakers seemed pretty secure, but there is one caveat: If I were checking my bag, I’d be nervous about a shoe getting lost in the underbelly of the plane. So if you’re doing not taking your bag on-board as a carryon, I’d recommend stuffing a plastic grocery bag in your purse and removing your shoes right before you check your suitcase. The bag should be easy enough to stow under the seat in front of you—and you’ll be able to work in as many sweat sessions as you like when you get to your destination.

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