Do You Ever Get Fitness Class Fatigue?


Lately, I’ve been taking a LOT of fitness classes. In fact, for all of June, my only workouts were at fitness classes because I had a free 30-day trial to ClassPass, a monthly service that gives users access to dozens of fitness studios across New York City. It was fun to try out lots of new places, but something funny happened; at a certain point, I started to miss the familiarity of just hopping on the elliptical with my iPhone. I missed going to my gym around the corner from my apartment and recognizing the people working at the front desk.

I thought it would be impossible to get bored when I was trying new classes regularly, but it became a little tiring going to new places all the time—and not knowing the drill at any of them. There’s definitely something nice about knowing what to expect and being in a setting where you’re comfortable. I’m not going to be giving up fitness classes any time soon (I particularly like booking them when I want to work out in the morning—I know I won’t skip exercising if I actually sign up for a class). But now I also know that I won’t be swapping my gym membership for fitness studio hopping, either. And for the next couple of weeks, I think I’ll be spending more quality time with my gym instead of booking any classes—I’ve missed it!

Have you ever burned out on fitness classes? (Or is it just me?) Share your thoughts in the comments!

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