Do You Ever Make Themed Playlists?

At work, I write a column called “Your New Favorite Playlist.” The idea is that I get a playlist from a different fitness studio or class each week and share it with readers so they can use the tunes to invigorate their own sweat sessions. This week, the playlist came from the indoor cycling studio SoulCycle—and it was from a Michael Jackson-themed ride! And it gets better: I actually got to participate in the ride earlier today! Here’s a photo of me with Trammell, the instructor who came up with the genius idea to host a class featuring music from the king of pop:

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 11.35.47 PM

This is the second themed ride I’ve done; I also did a Frozen-themed SoulCycle ride back in March (yes, I love Frozen!). Going today reminded me how fun it is to work out to a themed playlist sometimes. It definitely adds a ton of energy when you’re in a group session—after all, everyone there is guaranteed to know and love the music—but even when you’re on your own, it’s a fun change of pace.

I know I’ll be working out to the playlist we used today in a future gym session (you can find the playlist on Spotify). And I’m feeling inspired to create my own themed playlists, too. The only tough part will be deciding which theme to choose: Train, Taylor Swift, Avett Brothers, ’90s movie soundtrack songs. There are so many good options! Do you have any themed playlists you’ve created that you love? If so, share them in the comments!

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