#TastyTuesday: 5 Fruits That Taste Amazing When They’re Frozen


Have you noticed how sugar’s become public enemy No. 1 lately? Tons of people are quitting all added sugar, and in one survey, 15 percent of people said they thought the sweet stuff was the worst thing for your health—that’s twice the number who said the same about marijuana. I won’t be eliminating sugar from my diet any time soon—I think a balanced eating plan can include all foods, and I know that it would drive me crazy to adhere to all of the food restrictions that would be necessary to eliminate added sugar from my diet.

Still, I’m not opposed to the idea of focusing on nutritious, no-sugar-added ways to satisfy my cravings for something sweet. Which is why I love the idea of eating frozen fruits for dessert. Many of them are so good—even better than their fresh counterparts, in my opinion. Seriously, I’d want to eat them even if they had the nutritional stats of ice cream. So in the name of becoming more conscious of my sugar intake—and eating more foods I genuinely enjoy—I thought I’d share my favorite frozen fruits with you:

If you check out food blogs regularly, then you’ve likely noticed that banana “ice cream”—or chunks of banana that are blended into a soft, creamy frozen treat—is everywhere. I have two major issues with these recipes: (1) I don’t really like getting my blender dirty unless it’s for a really, really delicious reason. (2) When you blend the bananas, their volume decreases a lot. So it can take a few bananas to feel like you’re actually getting a decent amount of ice cream. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: freezing a whole peeled banana in a zip-top bag and eating that as if it were a Popsicle. So good!

Buy a can of pineapple chunks in 100 percent pineapple juice, and pour the whole thing into a few Dixie cups. Put a Popsicle stick in each one, and in a few hours, you’ll have yourself a really tasty dessert.

Red Grapes
These freeze up into little balls of bliss. They’re amazing on their own (just pluck them off the stem and wash before freezing). Or you can also dip them in yogurt and put them on a wax paper-lined baking sheet before sticking them in the freezer.

To tell you the truth, I’m not that crazy about mango when it’s fresh. It’s all right—but when you slice it up and put it in the freezer, something magical happens. Don’t just take my word for it—try it for yourself.

I cut this juicy fruit into chunks, put them in a giant Tupperware container, and stick the whole thing in the freezer all. The. Time. I’m dying to try it with cantaloupe soon and see how that tastes, too.

Are there any fruits I missed that are great frozen? Let me know so I can try for myself!

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