#TastyTuesday: The Seriously Delicious Healthy Sandwich You’ll Love

This weekend, I finally ordered delivery from a sandwich spot in my neighborhood I’ve been dying to try ever since I moved to Williamsburg. (It only took me 10 months!) It’s called Saltie, and it’s known for combining creative ingredients into innovative (and of course tasty) sandwiches. I ordered a sammie called “clean slate” and somehow wasn’t disappointed—even though I’d spent so long hyping up this place in my mind. Here’s the sandwich:

photo 3

And here’s a photo after I cut into it. Much messier—but still pretty yummy-looking!

photo 1

The great thing about this sandwich (or do you call it a wrap if it’s made with naan?) is that it’s the type of thing you could totally recreate on your own. Just toast naan, then fill it with hummus, bulgur, yogurt sauce (I’ll probably be trying just plain yogurt in my DIY version), cilantro, some sesame seeds, and pickled veggies (mine came with shredded carrots and beets—and you could probably soak them overnight in some vinegar with a dash of salt to get a similar effect). It’s the perfect Saturday sandwich—it not something you eat every day, so it feels special, but it’s filled with good-for-you ingredients that won’t leave you dragging for the rest of the day. Can’t wait to try making it on my own!

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