Giving Myself Permission to Stop Doing Workouts I Don’t Like


You may remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about a yoga class I kept going to—even though I didn’t really like it—because the two instructors were just so nice. Basically, I knew the class wasn’t for me. But the instructors remembered my name, talked to me before and after class, and were just generally really upbeat, likable people—so I felt guilty not going.

But after I wrote my previous post on the class, I decided it was time to grow a pair, and I stopped going. The very next Monday (the night of the class), I went to my gym instead. When I got there, I realized there was a cycling class about to start, so I decided to jump in and try it. And you know what? It was awesome. Not only did I get a great workout, but the instructor had so much enthusiasm and energy. He made sweating up a storm fun. I’d even go as far as to say that he might be my favorite cycling instructor ever (including the ones who teach at pricey studios like SoulCycle).

Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes? I felt so anxious about going MIA in that yoga class, but as soon as I did, I made it possible for myself to take another class that I ended up enjoying so much more. Maybe it’s a sign that karmic forces exist in the fitness universe (or at least that it’s about time I stopped making decisions motivated solely by guilt). Anyhow, I’ve been going to that cycling class ever since. And the next time I find myself in a workout that I’m not in love with (even after I give it a couple of tries), I’m going to think back to this experience and give myself permission to stop going—and I hope you’ll do the same!

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