Have You Ever Talked Back to a Fitness Instructor?


This morning, I tried out a new cycling studio in my neighborhood. Now, I take my fair share of cycling classes. (Not to toot my own horn, but at Flywheel, a studio chain where you can see how your performance stacks up against other people in the class, I’m consistently in the top five women.) But this class was hard. It made sense because I was feeling low-energy and the entire 45 minutes were spent at a pretty high resistance (I’m much better with sprinting at a moderate level of resistance).

So I’m sitting in this class (did I mention there were only three people?), and the instructor kept barking at me to increase my resistance and to go faster (all while improving my form). At one point, he even turned up the resistance knob on my bike himself. And then he crouched down to get closer to my pedaling feet and started saying, “Come on—more speed, more speed!” Now, I get it. A big part of being a fitness instructor is motivating people to push themselves harder than they would on their own. But I couldn’t go any faster. At least not at the super-high resistance he’d turned my bike up to. And maybe I was cranky since it was so early in the morning and the class hadn’t started on time, but at one point after the instructor told me to, again, go faster, I said, “I can’t go any faster!”

I know, I know—you’re not supposed to say the words “I can’t” in this kind of setting. Ever. But when you’re not in the right mood for this style of motivation, it’s actually kind of demoralizing to be giving a class your all and have the instructor sitting there, acting like you’re holding back on them. Anyhow, not my finest moment. But it got me thinking about how this is probably the first time I’ve ever given lip to a fitness instructor. Normally, I do my best to follow whatever they say to the letter (what can I say—I’m a good student).

I’m curious: Have you ever talked back to a fitness instructor or spoken out in a group fitness class? Share your story in the comments!

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photo via localfitness.com.au


4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Talked Back to a Fitness Instructor?

  1. I am never in the mood for this instruction style..that’s why I avoid group fitness altogether. I listen to my body and do what I can and what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I push myself..sometimes I don’t…but the way I see it, I am not an athlete or a soldier and my success is not tied to my fitness level..so here is no reason for me to let anybody treat me like I’m in the military.. 🙂

    And ou definitely shouldn’t feel bad about saying that I couldn’t go faster…what was your next option? Injury?

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