My First Run in Almost Seven Months!

I was allowed to run today for the first time since Halloween! (I have heel spurs, which sidelined me for a while.) Luckily, it was a beautiful day, so I took advantage of the opportunity to log a few miles outside—and even convinced my boyfriend (usually a pretty vocal anti-runner) to come along. We biked to Prospect Park, then did a 3.35-mile loop around the park, walking most of the way but jogging slowly for a few stretches (after all, I have to ease back into running). Stopping to take photos along the route helped me pace myself. Here are some of my favorites. I particularly like the shot of the swans—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby swan before!





And then here’s my boyfriend and I taking a post-run selfie. He was so, so happy to be done with our run. I’m kind of shocked I convinced him to come out at all.


Here’s to going on more runs soon!

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