Working Out with Google Glass


If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I’m not supposed to start running until Monday—doctor’s orders. But I made an exception recently when Google invited me to come to their New York offices and go on a run while wearing Glass. The idea was that I’d be testing out the device’s Strava app, which uses GPS to track your distance, pace, elevation, and more. I know, I know—I should have declined, considering my running ban. But the offer sounded way too cool to pass up—so I said I’d do it (can you blame me?). I went on a slow, short run, tested out another app called LynxFit that acts as a virtual personal trainer, and played with some other fun features built into Glass. You can read about my full account of what it’s like to run with Glass on and even check out some of the video footage I recorded with the gadget while on my run. I don’t know that I’ll be spending $1,500 to buy my own Glass any time soon—but it was a ton of fun to try it out!

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