#TastyTuesday: Delicious Pasta That Contains Antioxidants

If you’re as obsessed with forbidden rice as I am, then I have three words for you: forbidden rice ramen. This product from Lotus Foods comes in blocks like the ramen noodles you ate in college, but it gets an antioxidant boost from being made with black rice—and it’s ready to eat in about 10 minutes (the packaging says it cooks in four minutes, but it definitely took longer than that for me). Here’s what it looks like:


courtesy of Lotus Foods


I’m guessing that many of the nutrients that come in forbidden rice are lost in the processing—this has virtually no fiber, for example—but the texture and nutty taste were so good that I don’t really mind (plus, each block of ramen does have six grams of protein). I made a batch on Sunday, sauteed some chicken and veggies in sesame oil, and tossed it all in a sauce made from more sesame oil, vinegar, powdered peanut butter, and some Sriracha. Then I topped the whole thing with bean sprouts and a drizzle of Sriracha. Take a look:

photo (8)

I’ll definitely be adding this dish to my regular rotation. I love when non-recipe recipes (things you make just by gut and taste without really measuring ingredients or following instructions) turn out so well. Do you have any favorite recipes? Share them in the comments—I’m always looking for more!

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