How Sampling Hundreds of Chocolates Helped Me Eat More Mindfully (Plus, Links!)

Happy Sunday (and Mother’s Day)! Many of you have been curious about how my intuitive eating challenge is going. To be honest, I’ve had a little trouble devoting my full attention to it since my schedule was a little crazy last week—partly because I was asked to serve as a food judge for two categories in the Sofi Awards, which are kind of like the Oscars of specialty foods. We were focused on choosing the finalists for two categories: outstanding new product and outstanding product line. This is a picture of the chocolate candidates for outstanding product line:


Now, while I had a little trouble focusing on the questions/prompts from the daily e-mails I’ve been receiving as part of the intuitive eating challenge, I actually think that being a food judge helped me eat more mindfully (contrary to what you might expect). Here’s why: For each item I tasted (and there were hundreds of products I had to sample over the course of two days), I took a tiny bite. I really savored that morsel, paying attention to the texture and taste and approaching it with curiosity. (I asked myself whether I liked it, yes, but also if there was anything I’d recommend changing about the product—we had to give the people submitting them feedback!). If it was something I loved, I had another small bite or took more to enjoy later if possible (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites soon). For everything else, I threw away any excess. It may seem wasteful, but if the alternative is using your body as a trash can, then I’d rather waste some food.

Another thing I loved about the judging is that I was surrounded by people who really have an appreciation for great food and reveled in the act of making eating a pleasurable experience. No one commented about how much anyone else was eating, and no one talked about feeling guilty if they went in for another taste of a truly phenomenal product. It was so refreshing! I’m definitely going to think back to the judging experience as I continue with my intuitive eating challenge (while making an effort to devote more attention to the daily e-mails I receive, too!). Here’s what else I have on my health and wellness to-do list this week:

Have a well-intentioned week!

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