#TastyTuesday: My 5 Favorite Ways to Use Powdered Peanut Butter


Have you heard about powdered peanut butter? It’s made by squeezing the oils out of peanuts (to make them less caloric and fatty) and then dehydrating them. You’re supposed to mix the end-result with water to reconstitute it, and you end up with a spread that contains 85 percent fewer calories and grams of fat than the regular stuff.

Admittedly, it’s not as creamy and rich as your classic creamy peanut butter. And while some people are willing to accept the slight sacrifice in taste and texture because this version is more waistline-friendly, I prefer to stick with the regular stuff when I’m craving peanut butter—and use the powdered version when I want to make other things peanut butter-flavored. Here are five ways I like to use the powdered stuff:

In Oatmeal
In theory, peanut butter in oatmeal should be great. But in reality, it never quite mixes in well—so some bites are filled with too much peanut butter, while others are pretty much PB-free. With powdered peanut butter, though, you don’t have that problem; you get a uniform peanut-y flavor. I really like to do this when I’m adding banana slices to my oatmeal. So good!

In Greek Yogurt
This is another instance in which it seems like it should be easy enough to mix in regular peanut butter, but somehow it just doesn’t work. Sometimes, I’ll take a six-ounce tub of vanilla-flavored yogurt, put a couple of spoonfuls of powdered peanut butter in, then add a spoonful of jam to make the whole thing PB&J-flavored. Other times, I’ll take just a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt, stir in a bit of powdered peanut butter, and use it as a dip for crudité.

In a Quick Sauce
Thin powdered peanut butter out more than the directions on the jar call for, add a dash of rice wine vinegar and/or sesame oil, and you have a tasty (and fairly low-cal) Asian-inspired sauce for pasta, vegetables, rice—you name it.

On Top of Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
Just sprinkle a pinch on top of a scoop (or your cup of soft-serve). This is a great way to get a lot of flavor (since you’re not diluting the powder) without having to use too much.

To Coat Frozen Bananas
Have you ever eaten frozen banana slices? They’re divine—and they’re even better when you roll them in powdered peanut butter before popping them in the freezer. I especially like to use PB2’s chocolate peanut butter for this (oh, yes—there’s a chocolate peanut butter option).

Have I convinced you to go ahead and invest in a jar yet?


photo via Bell Plantation


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