4 Gratitude Journals to be Thankful For

Yesterday, I stopped into a new store near my apartment called Pink Olive. It’s one of those stationery/trinket/gift shops where you’re basically suffering from cuteness overload the whole time you’re inside and it’s a struggle not to buy everything you see. But amid all of the adorableness, one item in particular stuck out: this gratitude journal.

While I’ve never kept one, I love, love, love the idea of keeping a daily gratitude journal—particularly since studies show that the act of acknowledging what you feel thankful for can improve physical health, strengthen relationships, promote happiness, and help you face future adversity. (Is there anything it can’t do?!) Of course, you don’t have to get a special notebook to be more mindful of your blessings. But I do love these specially-themed gratitude journals that help you get in a more #feelingblessed state of mind:


1. This is the gratitude journal I saw at Pink Olive yesterday. It has a year’s worth of prompts to inspire you to start writing. ($18) | 2. How cute is this 365 Things I Am Grateful For daybook from Etsy seller ILoveItAll? Instead of being filled with regular pages, it has index cards, guest checks, envelopes, craft bags, and more. (starting at $30) | 3. This A Year of Gratitude kit isn’t just a journal—it’s a set of 52 thank you notes (one for each week of the year), a primer on how to write meaningful thank you notes, and a guided journal for you to log your experiences along the way. ($30) | 4. This 5″x8″ notebook doesn’t come with inspiring quotes or any other gimmicks—but it’s just so chic. ($10).

I’m putting these on my wish list—but in the meantime, I thought I’d share something I’m grateful for today: I’m thankful for the fact that I successfully stayed in crow pose for more than 10 seconds yesterday. And it was the first time I’ve been able to hold the post for more than just a second! (The instructor gave me the oh-so-helpful hint to look forward, not directly down.) It’s always so rewarding to finally accomplish a fitness goal (I’ve been working at crow for weeks!). What are you grateful for today?


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